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Here's the latest T.T. with your Titas

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Pilot: Risky Itch

Itchy Mama confesses that she cheated on her long-time boyfriend of 5 years. The Titas talk about infidelity and if telling the partner is really the right thing to do.

Episode 2: Ten Fingers

What is the dating scene like during a Pandemic? Letter sender Ana wants to know if the risk to meet up is worth it for finding the right one.

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Real, shocking and raunchy

The 30-something Titas are happy to dissect your career or relationship problems and you can remain anonymous. You can spill the tea and the juicier, the better. Let the Titas give you advice, but take it at your own risk. 


We’ve loved. We’ve lost. And we’re still figuring it all out, too. 


This podcast features topics about life, sex, love and everything in between from a group of college friends who are now accomplished professionals located in various parts of the world. Your titas, once young, unafraid and stupid like you, may just be the perspective you need to move forward. Charot.

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